As a proxy test of the US manufacturing strength — we will see how long it takes to rebuild Baltimore's ship-flattened Key Bridge

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27 March 2024



How long would China take to do the same thing?


From USA Today:



The Francis Scott Key Bridge - and more importantly its capability to support traffic of 33,000 vehicles a day - could take years to rebuild after a cargo ship slammed into it and sent the 1.6 mile roadway tumbling into the Patapsco River.


While state officials have not released timelines on bridge repairs, experts say it could take several months or even up to four years until the bridge can make a comeback.


When the bridge opened in 1977, it cost $60.3 million, which is equivalent to $316 million today.


The bridge took five years to complete, but experts say reopening it could take less time depending on several factors, including the condition of the bridge's foundational pieces underwater, design plans, and funding. President Joe Biden has said he expects the federal government to cover all rebuilding costs.


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My guess is that China could do a similar rebuild in a handful of weeks.



Therefore, a thoughtful person might wonder . . .


. . . how Americans are going to fare, in the war that we are so determined to start with the People's Republic.



The moral? — Thinking ahead and building impressive things are out of fashion in the United States


Yet, this does not stop American Government from barking its incessant warmongerese to the world. Even as, the United States visibly crumbles around our herd of Globalist shit-talkers.


In Dead Brain Biden's shoes, I would make this a national security matter. And do something respect-worthy for a change.


One can hope.