Ansar Allah is showing the planet how — impoverished people can successfully fight — Satan's neocon herd of blood-sucking devils

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27 December 2023



Today — in view of Israel's Zionist-inspired . . .


. . . quasi-genocidal Gaza carnage, I post an appreciation of the morally inspiring resistance to oppression historically put up by exceptionally courageous peoples.


Like those listed below.



North Vietnam and the Viet Cong . . .


. . . began the largest scale, most visibly massive, recent example of the figurative Human Liberty Movement.


Successfully sending warmongering, Fat Cat America home to look for easier targets to exploit.


The cost to the Vietnamese was enormous. They bore it with geopolitical brilliance and societal courage.


Our own US dead and dismembered having been, essentially, a horrific example of the Deep State having propagandized and misused — as is its wont — America's arguable best.



The ass-kicking of invading . . .


. . . Neocon America was repeated in Afghanistan.


With a bunch of materially poor men, carrying primitive weapons and home-made bombs, fending off the mechanized — imperially avarice-drooling — Satan from across the seas.


Their values were their own and, national interest-wise, none of our American business.


Keep that principle in mind.


And again, recall how the Deep State squandered our troops in obscenely malicious misuse of their honor — in the avaricious advancement of an exclusively profits-grabbing American Military Industrial Complex.



And now, today . . .


. . . repeating these Liberty Teachings comes the poorest-of-the-poor Ansar Allah (Houthi) group in Yemen.


Who are grabbing Gaza-genociding, neocon American Beelzebub by his — cowardly, proxy-aggressive — balls and swinging him around the Suez Canal.


An example of courage and anti-genocidal principle in heroic action.


From a people figuratively dressed in rags and riding fierce desert winds.


For a discussion of the Houthis' doings, see:



Mike Whitney, Will Biden Will be Forced to Send Ground Troops to Yemen?, Unz Review (26 December 2023)



The moral? — If you want to be free . . .


. . . emulate these generations of anti-imperial, impoverished people.


Good versus Neocon Evil comes in no more obvious flavor.


And here in the United States — ordinary, brainwashed, clueless Americans are next on the Deep State Demon's target list.


In Liberty's name — waken and resist.