Andrei Martyanov's searing reply to Canada's Nazi worship — exactly right and fairly bestowed

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30 September 2023



Genuinely, a battle between civilizations — one righteous, one decomposing and evil


On 22 September 2023, the Canadian Parliament gave a World War 2 Nazi a standing ovation.


Canada has since tried to pass this off as an honest mistake.


Given that the very elderly Nazi involved, Yaroslav Hunka, was introduced as having fought "against the Russians" at the time — only a fool would not have recognized his Nazi allegiance:



Just after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered an address in the House of Commons on Friday, Canadian lawmakers gave 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation when Speaker Anthony Rota drew attention to him. Rota introduced Hunka as a war hero who fought for the First Ukrainian Division.


Rota noted in his introduction that Hunka had fought in World War II "against the Russians."


© 2023 CBS News, Canada House speaker apologizes for honoring man who fought for Nazis during Zelenskyy visit, (24 September 2023)



Nevertheless, the Parliament's applause came


And thus, accorded with similar adulation bestowed on the Canada-visiting modern — and still Russia-battering — Nazi, Ukrainian president Zelensky.



This is not just Canada


The United States, European Union, NATO — and the entirety of the Collective West — have been funding, arming and militarily supporting the Nazi group that the United States 'couped' (a verb) into power in Ukraine in 2014.


Eventually and intentionally provoking the current Ukrainian War with the Russian Federation.



Of all this, Andrei Martyanov makes the following point


Referring to a 1942 Nazi-made photograph of a fourteen year old Slav girl — whom they send to Auschwitz to die — Martyanov says this:



She was a Polish girl, Czeslawa Kwoka. One of the 139,000 Poles removed from their villages in 1939 and later in 1942 deported  to Auschwitz.


She was merely a prisoner # 26947 captured here on photo three months before she died in concentration camp. She is beaten here, and here she is terrified.


She will be beaten again after photo-session. Like many Slavs she was considered untermensch.


Needless to say that many Ukrainians, like Yaroslav Hunka who was met with standing ovation in Canada's Parliament, left their mark not on the battlefield, where their SS formations have been utterly demolished by the Red Army, but primarily as guards in concentration camps, mass executioners of Soviet population . . .


. . . watch the movie Come and See, including mass murder of Jews and Red Army POWs, such as Babi Yar horror.


You can get to Babi Yar memorial in Kiev, by following avenues of Roman Shukhevych and Stepan Bandera--both cadre Nazi officers and genocidal murderers.


Just in case you doubt it--Babi Yar here is marked as Babin Yar.


Remarkably, the US Embassy is just about a kilometer away from this. Very symbolic.


I don't believe that what passes for Western "intellectuals" today can process all of that nightmare--they have no intellectual and moral foundation for that.


[T]his all shows the side of SMO [— Russian 'special military operation' in Nazi-led Ukraine —], which Westerners in general, with some notable exceptions . . . are incapable to understand--SMO [has] now acquired almost a religious character, and some information provided here may help to understand why.


I cannot convey now the scope of the reaction in Russia to Canada's infamy.


Russians have now a complete proof of evil which combined West represents today.


© 2023 Andrei Martyanov, Remember Your Name, (29 September 2023)



The moral? — A civilization mired in institutionalized evil, like our Western one . . .


. . .complacently does not grasp its Satanic scope.


But others do.