An anti-propaganda model to emulate — Roman Balmakov delivers brief cogent overviews of complicated subjects

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17 August 2023



Most of the United States' alleged intellectual talent . . .


. . . now goes toward crafting cleverly concocted and Elites-profiting lies.


It is rare to find anybody on Truth's side.


Especially so, if concise and persuasive clarity is the standard. Most of the anti-propaganda that I come across, meanders hither and yon to no cogently valid purpose.



Not such an oppositional meanderer . . .


. . . is the Epoch Times' Roman Balmakov.


He is excellent at concisely challenging the Great American Lie Machine's propaganda.


Consider the following example of such.


Perhaps only lawyers will appreciate how difficult it is to take a complicated court case and reduce it to its core elements — while simultaneously summing up the case's societal implications in a brief, undistorted and easily understandable way:



Roman Balmakov, FDA Drops Ivermectin Truth (That We Knew All Along), (12 August 2023)



The moral? — Given sheep-populated America's inability . . .


. . . to pay attention (to anything vital) for more than a few seconds:



If you want to be a Beacon of Light piercing our nation's self-inflicted darkness — strive to emulate Mr. Balmakov's cogent — and generally accurate — presentation style.



Avoid the 'takes forever to get to the point' delivery that characterizes most of the Deep States' opponents.


Avoiding unnecessary verbosity, by the way, is partly why the embattled Donald Trump remains an arguably successful political force.


He frequently goes to the heart of matters in a memorably concise way that regular folk understand. Which is why the American Lie Machine has targeted him for harassment and jailing.


If you are in the Deep State's crosshairs, you are (most probably) doing something right.