American partisanship and the inability to think — are we all 'gonna' die?

© 2024 Peter Free


13 March 2024



Daily, I . . .


. . . and anyone else with objective sense — notice that Americans completely abandon rationality, when addressing political matters.


Evidence-based analysis flees out the door. Untethered emotions flood in.


Reasoned factual discussion becomes impossible. Connecting evidentiary dots becomes an unachievable task.


Tales of pretended good versus attributed evil, fly high.



We seem completely unable to equate . . .


. . . like behaviors in both political parties.


If 'my' party does something obviously bad, it is good.


If yours does the same thing, it remains bad and even evil.



Take Donald Trump's alleged criminal sliminess


How is Joe Biden's alleged abuse of his former vice-presidential office, courtesy of his son Hunter, different in its essentially unlawful quality?


On rational and evidentiary grounds, Biden's corruption record is not substantially different.


Yet talk to a Democrat, and the former vice-president's suspected (Ukraine-centered) corruption is denied — or worse — becomes almost saintly behavior.


The same reversal of evidentiarily supported logic occurs with Republicans.


Somehow their crass, grifting, and usually incompetently obtuse lead guy (Trump) does not share the sins of his grifting, totalitarian-oriented Democratic opponent and the Deep State that puppets him.


The same inability to process like behaviors is true with respect to both parties' allegiance to the imposition of totalitarian government measures.


How (for instance) is the Biden Gang's capture and control of the Department of Justice different from Trump's long-alleged self-king-making?



What gets lost . . .


. . . (inside the Battling Bogosity Bog) is any realistic appreciation for what is actually going on.


Factually speaking, we Americans lose freedom and economic wellbeing every day. But virtually no one addresses these exceedingly obvious ills.


Instead, we are diverted into psychically blind, tribalist fighting over projected illusions. Those belligerently held fantasies become a viscous fog that conceals Reality.


This pillage-concealing outcome is exactly the Globalist Establishment's purpose in propagandistically fueling emotion-exacerbating fires.


We, as a public, are continually fleeced by our own, externally manipulated, mental and perceptual inadequacies.



The moral? — We the People fuel Wild Lunacy Land


A nation cannot survive (in any meaningful societal sense) in such an unrealistic mode. Witness Germany's self-destruction.


Kooks and malevolents have taken over. American and collectively Western publics are propagandistically led around by their manipulated emotions.


Id-controlled dumbshits, we have allowed ourselves to become.


A loss of realistic focus is everywhere apparent.


Thus, the early 21st century increasingly represents the reversed end to 1776's American experiment in Liberty and personal responsibility.


A rational human being would lament and resist. Yet, who knows what the United States' (horizon-to-horizon) herds of nose-ringed emoters are going to do. Probably trample the Rational Few. Via their stampeding invitation to tyrannical herd-control.


Perhaps nuclear war — which our neocon leaders invite on a daily basis — will be a planetary blessing. Such a disaster might rid Earth of our peculiarly inept species. Comprised as it is of cognitively dumbass creatures.


Even curmudgeons, species-trapped as we are, will sadly sigh at such an outcome.


Will we also wonder at the arguably Biblical flavor of Termination's radioactive ash?