American murder monkeys' epitaph — eloquence from James Howard Kunstler

© 2023 Peter Free


07 March 2023



As our self-destroyed, once-hegemonic Western Civilization . . .


. . . begins to sink beneath History's waves, a few summarizing paragraphs are in order.


How about the following from James Howard Kunstler — here in extracts?



[F]rom here on, nobody is really in charge.


The vacuum of leadership we’ve been living in becomes impossible to ignore, and nature (it’s rumored) hates a vacuum. For the moment, circumstances are in charge, not personalities.


Look no further than the fiasco in Ukraine, engineered by geniuses of the US foreign service in some daft exercise to show the world who’s who and what for.


And, remind me: what was the basic idea there?


To hamstring and hogtie Russia so badly that her people would overthrow the only rational head-of-state in Christendom, a figure who makes the presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers of Western Civ look like a troop of gibbering mandrills, with painted faces and blue butts, the ass-clowns of geopolitics.


We’re waiting for financial markets, banks, and monies to blow, as an engine will when submerged in water.


When capital is truly gone, transmogrified into a whole lot of nothing, the time for standing by making faces and whining is over.


[T]his is the way the world ends for the vacuum known as “Joe Biden” and the Party of Chaos he is propped up to represent.


Chaos, we will be astounded to learn, is not your friend, is not the solution to anything, least of all a polity that is floundering in lifeboats over cold, dark, deep water a thousand leagues from dry land.


© 2023 James Howard Kunstler, Allegorical Intermezzo, (07 March 2023)






Neocons, after having intentionally executed . . .


. . . the post-World War 2 institutions — and good will — that (arguably unwarrantedly) propped the United States up in the past, are now deludedly gibbering about the consequences of what they have done and who's to blame.


A rational person would note that — just for instance — in explaining the demise of American hegemony, that it was Americans themselves who intentionally transferred US manufacturing to China.


Unto the point that the United States cannot (now) even keep up with providing its Ukrainian Death Proxies with enough artillery shells for a week.



These are the same US neocon-neoliberal leaders . . .


. . . who are currently trying to start overtly US-peopled wars with Russia, China and Iran. All at the same time.



What'cha gonna fight those conflicts with, y'all murder monkeys?


The redolent musk of your (aggressively indulged) lack of brains?



The moral? — Rationality has fled to the global East and South


And Americans have taken up (apparently permanent) residence in a Stupidity Kills Parable.