American media are trying to kill 79 year old Dr. Anthony Fauci — by overworking him

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30 March 2020



I feel for Anthony Fauci


For weeks — by exclusive virtue of his position as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — he has been trying to inject medical common sense into the United States' laggard, generally incompetent response to COVID-19.


As a result of his effort, the Mainstream Media — most of whom appear to despise (the admittedly frequently despicable) President Trump — not only run to Fauci for his epidemiological opinions, but also to inveigle him into becoming a contrary-speaking Trojan Horse that they intend to use to unseat the President.


Fortunately, Fauci — who is very obviously brighter than virtually everyone in our dolt-parading Propaganda Machine — has not allowed himself to fall into the trap.



That said


The Mainstream's unremitting treatment of Fauci as the only epidemiologically knowledgeable person in the country may yet do him in. The man is looking more and more exhausted every day.


Go to any social media platform, and there is Fauci, being asked about something obvious that anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer could easily have discovered — completely on their own — without having had to ask him anything.


In fact, YouTube platformed a brilliantly informative COVID-19 interview — far superior to any such similarly conducted in the United States — with South Korea's top infectious disease expert, Professor Kim Woo-Joo — at Korea University Guro Hospital in Seoul:



Asian Boss, You Need To Listen To This Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea, YouTube (27 March 2020)



You will recall that South Korea is one of the several Asian nations, whose capable and immediate actions quickly brought COVID under quasi-workable control. That being so in marked contrast to the United States and Europe.



What bugs me about Fauci-idolization


. . . in these celebrity-nitwitized United States, is that the "kill him with work" process is something that the Director cannot, honorably, guard himself against.


Being a man of genuinely public-serving character, he knows that "someone" needs to honestly talk to the public about COVID.


And furthermore, in view of the Media's own lack of reliably unbiased smarts, this "honest information" role is, apparently, inescapably foisted upon him.


In a nation massively populated by determined ignoramuses, what — or who — else is to be done?



The moral? — Stupidity kills


We see examples of this every day. But we are, on the prevalent whole, too complacently somnolent to recognize and correct the problem.


Thus, Anthony Fauci is destined to be metaphorically slain (through overwork) by the same pestering vacuum-heads, whom he is trying to protect.


Being genuinely public-spirited in the United States is darn — darn! — hard.