Air Pro Air Hose — Made in the USA by Factory Direct Hose — Review

© 2012 Peter Free


15 May 2012


Photograph of Air Pro air hose for Peter Free's product review.


Air Pro air hose — highly recommended


Factory Direct Hose manufactures polyurethane Air Pro air hose in the United States and sells it directly to the public.


The company’s website is unusually informative, and its list of frequently asked questions is worth reading (here).


You read about how Air Pro itself is made, here.


The air hose comes in a choice of 7 colors: light blue, blue, yellow, red, green, florescent green, and florescent orange.


I bought a fifty foot section of their 3/8 inch size with 1/4 inch male pipe threaded ends.


Factory Direct Hose also sells a wide range of properly described and pictured hose-end fittings — including a repair end to use, when you accidentally slice a hose into two segments.  You can get everything you need in one order.


The company’s online ordering process is simple and efficient.  My package arrived in two days.


If you straighten and condition the hose under working pressure for 30 minutes — as the instructions indicate — its tight shipping coils will disappear, and the hose will become surprisingly manageable.


No leaks, no problems, works great.



Garden hose and reels, too


Factory Direct Hose also makes two kinds of garden (water) hose and sells a selection of air and water hose reels.  Some of the reels are made in the United States.  A video explains the difference between the two water hoses, here.





When select American manufacturers do everything right, why are most of our stores still selling almost exclusively imported products of usually low and unreliable quality?


Join me in supporting American industry and workers.  The neighbor you keep working may someday turn out to be you.