AP — virulent propaganda organ for the US Deep State — goes after Trump

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02 June 2024



By their lying actions, ye shall know them


Here, for instance, is one of our Fascist Establishment’s propaganda outlets — the AP — attacking Donald Trump on grounds that competent constitutional law and jurisprudence-aware attorneys would laugh at:



After his historic guilty verdict in his hush money case, Donald Trump attacked the U.S. criminal justice system, making unfounded claims of a “rigged” trial that echoed remarks from the Kremlin.


“If they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone,” Trump said Friday, speaking from his namesake tower in New York on Friday. Thousands of miles away, Russian President Vladimir Putin was probably “rubbing his hands with glee,” said Fiona Hill, a former senior White House national security adviser to three U.S. presidents, including Trump.


Hill and other analysts say Trump’s attacks could be useful to Putin and other autocrats as they look to boost their standing among their own citizens, potentially sway the upcoming U.S. presidential election in which Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, and undermine the United States’ global influence.


© 2024 Emma Burrows, Trump's attacks on US justice system after guilty verdict could be useful to autocrats like Putin, AP (02 June 2024)



So you see . . .


. . . Trump is not only a concocted-case, multi-multi felon. But also, a slandered Putin in disguise.


Those both being tattered elements out of the genocide-embracing United States’ decades-long in ‘Tyranny’s Name’ playbook.



The moral? — When you want to know what is definitively not true . . .


. . . read-hear-see the lamestream mainstream.


The US Oligarchy indicts itself there, every day.


Our Parasitic Elites get away with this, due to the American public’s complacently bottomless ignorance, its stolidly indulged indifference to what is going on around it, and its absolute refusal to critically think.


And thus, we are left with the despicably dumbass Donald Trump as a kind of legitimate, martyred papier-mâché hero.


What a country.


I often imagine the Founders standing around (today) with puzzled expressions of their faces.


See, for example:



Dennis C. Rasmussen, Fears of a Setting Sun: The Disillusionment of America's Founders (Princeton University Press; First Edition, March 2, 2021)



Those of us who are elderly — and well aware of the circumstances of this nation’s founding — as well as the thoughts and purposes of the people who molded it — cannot but be astonished at the absolute evil that has destroyed it.