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24 November 2014

Budgeting the Military Industrial Complex and Other Juxtapositionally Humorous Indications of Our Anti-Strategic Stupidity (24 November 2014)

20 November 2014

Alexander Nekrassov Writes Appealingly Dry Columns about the Varied Idiocies of Our Age — The Former Kremlin Adviser Is Worth a Read for those Bored by the American Media’s Blanket Ignorance (20 November 2014)

19 November 2014

Yanking President Putin’s Chain while Standing on Hypocrisy’s Ice — Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Laughable Chastisement (19 November 2014)

18 November 2014

The Masai and Avaricious Dubai — a Short Allegory about Greed (18 November 2014)

17 November 2014

Professor Jonathan Gruber Said Something True about Voting Stupidity — and the Lack of Government Transparency that Fosters and Takes Advantage of It — Now, Democrats Are Trying to Pretend that Deception in Writing the Affordable Care Act Never Crossed their Minds (17 November 2014)

15 November 2014

Another Go Round between the Two Camps of Self-Promoting Narcissists in Washington DC — Immigration Reform — the Mechanics of Intentionally Never Getting Anything Constructive Done (15 November 2014)

14 November 2014

Irrelevant Criticisms of Russian Expansionism Indicate How Foolish Anti-Russian Strategists Have Been — No Wonder President Putin Is Running Wild (14 November 2014)

13 November 2014

Klarstein 3MC Light Therapy Sunlight SAD Disorder Lamp Medical CE — 10000 LUX — Review (13 November 2014)

12 November 2014

Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial — Veterans Day 2014 — Painful Transience (12 November 2014)

10 November 2014

Reflection on Armistice Day — One War Ended by Planting Seeds for Another — What Is Not so Different Now (10 November 2014)

07 November 2014

When Your Adversary Sees You More Clearly than You Perceive Yourself, Can Trouble Be Far behind? — A Surprisingly Accurate Chinese Perspective on the United States (07 November 2014)

06 November 2014

Jeb Lund Wrote Some Insightful Words about the 2014 Mid-Terms — regarding the Democratic Party’s Puke-Prompting Wimps (06 November 2014)

05 November 2014

The 2014 American Mid-Term Election Result Probably Justified Oligarchs’ Feelings of Superiority (05 November 2014)

30 October 2014

A Meaningless 2014 Election — Comprised of Competing Narcissist Clones — Governor Chris Christies Cynically Theatrical Photo Op — and Americas Continuing Aversion to Dealing with Anything that Actually Matters (30 October 2014)

28 October 2014

An Illustrative Media Non Sequitur — from Fox Television’s Lisa Kennedy Montgomery — Who Told Shepard Smith that Elon Musk Is Wrong to Fear Aspects of Artificial Intelligence because — “Machines can’t make souls” (28 October 2014)

27 October 2014

Max Boot’s Article about “More Small Wars” — Is a Good Overview of What Needs to Change — It Can Be Summarized in Just One Phrase (27 October 2014)

23 October 2014

More Camouflaging Silliness from the Obama Administration — We Will Be Training Moderate Syrian Militias to Be Defensive, Not Offensive Forces — and in Only 8 Weeks — Given the Obvious Stupidity of this Idea, Guess What Actually Underlies It (23 October 2014)

22 October 2014

Detroit’s Water Shutoffs to the Poor Have Caught the United Nations’ Attention (22 October 2014)

20 October 2014

After Screwing the Middle East Up — for Seemingly Ever — the United States Is Now Provoking NATO Ally, Turkey (20 October 2014)

16 October 2014

A Noticeable Number of Medical Providers Appear to Resist Learning to Use Antibiotics Appropriately over the Long Term (16 October 2014)

15 October 2014

Nurse Nina Pham’s Ebola Illness — Anthony Fauci’s Uninsightful Comment about an Inadvertent Breach of Protocol — the CDC’s Belated Admission that It Screwed Up — and How Managerial Complacence Leads to Being Unprepared (15 October 2014)

10 October 2014

Paul Verhaeghe and Jane Hedley-Prôle (translator), What about Me? The Struggle for Identity in a Market-Based Society (2014) — Review (10 October 2014)

09 October 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry’s Unfortunately Ridiculous Strategic Justification — for Letting the Syrian City of Kobane Potentially Fall to ISIL — When We Act Brain Dead, it Would Be Better to Hide (Not Trumpet) the Fact (09 October 2014)

07 October 2014

A Matt Bors Editorial Cartoon — Sums US Race Relations, Totalitarian Policing, and our Inane Media — in Just 4 Picture Panels (07 October 2014)

06 October 2014

American Bumbling in the Middle East Illustrates Andrew Bacevich’s Washington Rules at Play — Plus a Psychological Explanation for Our Self-Destruction from Paul Verhaeghe (06 October 2014)

04 October 2014

Agriculture Has Increased Its Overwhelmingly Medically Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics by 16 Percent — during an Era that Supposedly Was Trying to Corral Escalating Antibiotic Resistance (04 October 2014)

03 October 2014

Dallas Is Not Looking Medically Competent — America’s Probably Indicative Screw Up with Ebola — even after Lots of Advance Warning (03 October 2014)

02 October 2014

Imran Khan’s Comment about the Non-Existence of a Group that Calls itself Khorasan — American Lemmings Off to War (02 October 2014)

29 September 2014

Welcome to the Autocracy — Implies FBI Director James B. Comey (29 September 2014)

25 September 2014

Three Smoking Paragraphs from Retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor PhD — an Example of Superbly Pointed Writing — regarding American Anti-ISIL Military Action in Iraq and Syria (25 September 2014)

24 September 2014

The President’s Casual Disrespect for Other People’s Sacrifices May Have Slipped through with His Latte Salute — or Not (24 September 2014)

23 September 2014

Confirmation from the New England Journal of Medicine — as Things Stand, Ebola Is on Its Way to Endemicity in Africa (23 September 2014)

22 September 2014

The United States Is Finally Trying to Regain Its Abandoned Human Spacefaring Capability — but Why Did NASA’s “CCtCap” Contract Give (Proven) SpaceX — Substantially Less Money than (Unproven) Boeing? (22 September 2014)

19 September 2014

Questionable Risk Analysis by the Obama Administration — Prioritized but Unworkable Strategy against the Islamic State — versus — Under Reaction to the West African Ebola Epidemic (19 September 2014)

17 September 2014

Tristar Europe BV — 2200 Watt Bagless 220 Volt (German Market) Vacuum Cleaner — Review (17 September 2014)

15 September 2014

When I Was a Kid, Going to War Was a Big Deal — Now, It Is Just Something We Do (15 September 2014)

11 September 2014

More Deadly American Silliness — This Time against ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State — the Apparent Political Futility of Acting as if One Has a Strategically Minded Brain (11 September 2011)

10 September 2014

A Valuable Essay Requires a Concisely Substantive Point — that Illuminates Something Unknown or Misunderstood — Two Examples from Matthew Yglesias and Jim Newell (10 September 2014)

08 September 2014

Silhouette® Rimless Eyeglasses Frame — Review (08 September 2014)

05 September 2014

Seagate Backup Plus — 2 Terabyte Portable Hard Drive — Review (05 September 2014)

02 September 2014

Peter Schweizer Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets (2013) — a Micro Review (02 September 2014)

26 August 2014

Ian Millhiser’s Observation — about Georgia’s Eagerness to Arm Criminals — Is a Good Metaphor for Americas Accelerating Slide into Sheer Lunacy (26 August 2014)

25 August 2014

Why Does James Foley’s Beheading Defeat Our Ability to Think Rationally about Achieving Strategic Objectives? — Terrorists Snap Fingers and We Foolishly Dance to Their Tune (25 August 2014)

21 August 2014

American Volunteer Mark Gregory Paslawsky Died in Ukraine — Knowing What He Was Up Against — a Comment regarding How Easily Political Corruption Overcomes Personal Courage — Think of His Example Occasionally and Ponder the Nature of Duty (21 August 2014)

20 August 2014

White Denial and Apathy Constitute Racism — an Illustration of Ethically Rotten Culture Taken from Michael Brown’s Apparent Murder at Police Hands in Ferguson, Missouri (20 August 2014)

18 August 2014

Another Piece of History’s Symbolism — Israel Recently Killed the Innocent Gaza Relatives of Dutchman Henk Zanoli — Whom They Had Honored in 2011 for Saving a Jewish Child from the Holocaust (18 August 2014)

15 August 2014

Matthew Hoh’s Illumination of the Lie that Constituted American Involvement in Afghanistan — U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene’s Symbolizing Death by Insider Attack (15 August 2014)

14 August 2014

Alex Kane’s and Chris Hedges’ Cautionary Perspectives on Gaza Can Be Understood More Universally — Both Are about the Global Trivialization of Evil for Profit (14 August 2014)

13 August 2014

Paul Szoldra’s Objection to the Militarization of American Policing Forces Mirrors My Own Ex Cop’s Perspective — Serve and Protect Has Given Way to Kill and Occupy (13 August 2014)

11 August 2014

OneSimCard — and OneSimCard’s “Global” Dual SIM Quad-Band GSM Unlocked International Cell Phone — Review (11 August 2014)

09 August 2014

William Rivers Pitt’s Assessment of President Obama’s Excuse for America’s Torture Program Parallels My Own — Cowardly Platitudes (09 August 2014)

06 August 2014

Leonid Bershidsky’s Observation — that Leaders of the Developing World Emulate President Putin’s Authoritarian Ways — Is Insightful — as Is His Comment that American Hypocrisy Has Itself to Blame (06 August 2014)

05 August 2014

Three Eloquently Cogent Antidotes to Americas Self-Defeating Support of Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza (05 August 2014)

01 August 2014

Political Liberal Christopher Ketcham’s Essay in Favor of Bearing Arms — Is a Thoughtfully Core Defense of the Second Amendment (01 August 2014)

31 July 2014

Dr. Sheik Umar Khan Lost His Life Taking Care of Sierra Leone’s Ebola Virus Patients — Compare the Physical and Spiritual Cowardice of the World’s Warmongering Civilian Leaders (31 July 2014)

30 July 2014

Israel Is Quickly Erasing its already Convoluted Legitimacy — Human Rights Lawyer Brad Parker and Political Analyst Marwan Bishara — Join Henry Giroux — in Pointing to Militarism’s Moral Double Speak (30 July 2014)

25 July 2014

Henry Giroux’s Essay — “Killing Machines and the Madness of Militarism” — Goes to the Heart of the Moral Disease that Afflicts the United States and Israel — Both of which Have Now become the Evil that They Once Professed to Fight (25 July 2014)

23 July 2014

2013 Fiat 500 Pop and 2012 Fiat 500 Sport — Review (23 July 2014)

19 July 2014

Comrade President Putin apparently Shot Himself in the Behind by Supporting Separatists in Ukraine — After Those Cretins Evidently Shot Down a Malaysian Airliner — so Much for Putin’s Visions of Adroitly Conducted Russian Expansionism (19 July 2014)

16 July 2014

Does Self Loathing Explain Why Poor and Middle Class Americans Vote against their Interests? — Edwin Lyngar’s Autobiographical Essay Implies So (16 July 2014)

15 July 2014

A Surprisingly Good Editorial about Foreign Policy from Senator Rand Paul — In this Instance, Usually Unworkable Libertarian Philosophy Gets It Right (15 July 2014)

14 July 2014

Germany — Scattered Initial Impressions (14 July 2014)

10 July 2014

Consider the Broad Cultural Significance of Kentucky Republican State Senator Brandon Smith’s Cartoonish Comments about Mars and Earth (10 July 2014)

09 July 2014

Hand Washing Compliance in Health Care Is Probably Grossly Over Reported — a Canadian Hospital Study Estimates that the Actuality Is Three Times Less (09 July 2014)

08 July 2014

Germany — Observations about No Fee and Tourist Passports for American Military Families (08 July 2014)

06 July 2014

Brock Sarbeck’s Photo of Three 737 Fuselages Derailed into Montana’s Clark Fork River — Says Pretty Much All that Needs to Be Said about Incompetent American Railroading (06 July 2014)

03 July 2014

Speaking of Monkey Brains — a Map of Influential American Fools from ThinkProgress — and Some Surprising Numbers from CJ Werlman about the Prevalence of Idiocy in US Culture (03 July 2014)

02 July 2014

Ecologist Enric Sala’s Portrayal of His Awakening regarding Global Warming — Illustrates Why We Are Not Going to Do anything Effective to Ameliorate It (03 July 2014)

30 June 2014

Timberland Claremont Luggage — and Timberland Jay Laptop Backpack — Review (30 June 2014)

24 June 2014

John Oliver — Bless His British Heart — Highlighted a Snippet that Shows the Bottomless Nitwitism of American Culture — Will We Smile in Self-Recognition? (24 June 2014)

23 June 2014

The Feds Can’t even Play with Anthrax Correctly — Is Stupidity America’s Most Deadly Terrorist? (23 June 2014)

18 June 2014

Dick Cheney and John McCain Illustrate the Brain Block Conundrum — Namely, “We Could Not Possibly Be Wrong, so You Have to Be — No Matter What Reality Says” — A Good Illustration of Why Experience Is Wasted on Human Beings (18 June 2014)

17 June 2014

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner — Review (17 June 2014)

10 June 2014

Ron Fournier’s Paragraph about President Obama’s Failed Leadership Puts the Commander in Chief into Early Historical Perspective (10 June 2014)

09 June 2014

The Obama Administration Remains Silent over Egypt’s Tyrannical Imprisonment of Three Al Jazeera Journalists — Business as Usual for America’s Pet Totalitarian Regimes (09 June 2014)

06 June 2014

On this 2014 Commemoration of D Day — It Should Be Obvious that General Shinseki’s Resignation Alone Will Not Fix Veterans Affairs — So What Is Our Self-Involved Commander in Chief Going to Do about It? (06 June 2014)

05 June 2014

The American Judiciary already Has More than Its Share of Ideologically Driven and Unrealistic Fools — Let’s Not Add Michael Boggs (05 June 2014)

03 June 2014

Brother MFC-J650DW — Wireless Inkjet Printer — Review (03 June 2013)

01 June 2014

A Nation of Sheep Tolerates Its Liar in Chief — American Combat Troops Are Going to Stay in Afghanistan because It Pleases the Military Industrial Complex (01 June 2014)

30 May 2014

The Increasing Hold of Capital on Wealth Is so Obvious that Criticisms of Thomas Piketty’s Bad Math in Proving the Proposition Are the Moral Equivalent of Laughable (30 May 2014)

26 May 2014

Memorial Day 2014 — A Continuing Failure of Leadership regarding Caring for Our Military Veterans (26 May 2014)

21 May 2014

Physicians Reportedly often Ignore Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines — For Example, Even When the Continued Efficacy of Antibiotics Is Partially at Stake (21 May 2013)

19 May 2014

Time to Boot Eric Shinseki from the Veterans Administration — It Is Way too Late for Him to Say that He Did Not Know about VA Appointment Backlogs and Cover Ups (19 May 2014)

18 May 2014

2010 Subaru Outback Limited — Review (updated 18 May 2014)

16 May 2014

Liberal Commentator Thom Hartmann Noticed Something Subtle about American Politics — which Explains Excessive Partisanship’s Nation-Wrecking Qualities (16 May 2014)

15 May 2014

America’s Irresolute Abandonment of Its Space Shuttle Program — Deservedly Came Back to Haunt Us during the Ukraine Dustup (15 May 2014)

14 May 2014

Tabloid America versus the Real World (14 May 2014)

13 May 2014

Youthful Adversity Appears to Temper Our Penchant for Narcissism — Perhaps Loosely Suggesting that Great Souls Are Statistically More Likely to Come from Painful Times (13 May 2014)

12 May 2014

Senator Marco Rubio Demonstrated How Partisanship Trumps the Ability to Make Intelligent Points Hidden in One’s Theme — Is This a Sign of Stupidity or Intellectual Laziness? (12 May 2014)

09 May 2014

A Paragraph by C J Werleman — Illustrates How to Make a Point before Losing Audience Attention (09 May 2014)

07 May 2014

The Globalist’s Stefan Richter Captured the Silliness of American Foreign Policy — in Two Essays about the Ukrainian Situation — It May Be Impossible to Be too Cynical about the Money Driven Stupidity of US Leadership (07 May 2013)

06 May 2014

Schistosomiasis Documentary — River of Hope by Clifford Bestall — Addresses the Burden of Snail Fever/Bilharzia — as Caused by Dam Building in this Instance — in a Problem-Solving Way that Will Interest Medical Professionals and Ecologically Oriented Biologists — a Tribute to Elizabeth Huttinger and Her Colleagues (06 May 2014)

05 May 2014

President Obama’s Initiation of a New Cold War —  Paradoxically Aggravates Problems for the Russian Periphery Nations (05 May 2014)

02 May 2014

The World Health Organization Belatedly Acknowledged that Antimicrobial Resistance Poses a Serious Public Health Problem — Yet WHO’s Summary Makes No Mention of Agriculture’s Irresponsible Non-Medical Use of Tons of Antibiotics — and My Comment about Communicating Effectively in a World Filled with Shouting Fools (02 May 2014)

01 May 2014

A Pummeling Paragraph from Renee Parsons Sums the Obama Administration (01 May 2014)

30 April 2014

Propping Regimes that Finance Anti-American Terrorism Works to the Military Industrial Complex’s Advantage — another Manifestation of Manipulative Corporatism (30 April 2014)

29 April 2014

2013 Ford Focus 4-Door Sedan — Avis Rental Car — Review (29 April 2014)

22 April 2014

Matt Taibbi, The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap (2014) — Book Review (22 April 2014)

21 April 2014

Representative Reasoning regarding Our Ability to Picture the Historical Christ Is Consistently Absurd — Wishful Thinking Dominates a Potentially More Useful Ability to Tolerate Ignorance and Ambiguity (21 April 2014)

16 April 2014

What Happens to Democracy when Nobody Cares enough to Preserve Its Efficacy? — The Triumph of the Greedy Minority Is Probably Inevitable (16 April 2014)

15 April 2014

Do We Really Want Our Teaching Hospitals Run or Influenced by Pharmaceutical Industry Fat Cats? — Conflicts of Interest that Our Greed-Based Culture Seems to Take for Granted (15 April 2014)

14 April 2014

Medical Establishment Greed — A Proposed New Ailment Called “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo” — More Traditionally Called Slow Wittedness or Even Stupidity — SCT Seems Designed to Pull in Big Bucks for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Quasi Quacks — Perhaps Illustrating Yet another Disorder Called “Ingrained Medical Avarice Delusion” or I-MAD (14 April 2014)

11 April 2014

Economist Ha-Joon Chang Made Some True Statements about Economics — which Consistently Escape Most Economists and Politicians (11 April 2014)

10 April 2014

Anthony Mancuso — LLC or Corporation? How to Choose the Right Form for Your Business — 5th Edition, 2012 — a Short Book Review (10 April 2014)

08 April 2014

Dying Well — in a World Filled with Vicious Maniacs — Father Francis Van Der Lugt Refused to Abandon His Pastoral Duties in the Besieged Syrian City of Homs (08 April 2014)

07 April 2014

American Minorities Are Grossly Underrepresented in Medical Clinical Trials — which Demonstrates (again) How Little the Medical Establishment Actually Cares about Being Soundly Scientific (07 April 2014)

06 April 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s Predicament Demonstrates How Questionable Engineering Can Cause What Should Have Been Avoidable Problems (06 April 2014)

04 April 2014

An Angry Column from Andre Vltchek Attacks Western Hypocrisy in Regard to Ukraine — by Pointing to the Indefensible Things the West Has Done around the World — If You Can Get Past His Enraged Presentation, Much of What He Says Is True (03 April 2014)

01 April 2014

Derek Hough’s Choreography for Amy Purdy — during 2014 Dancing with the Stars (31 March) — Illustrates what Other-Centered Genius Can Do in Art (01 April 2014)

31 March 2014

Why Let a Competitive Commercial Advantage Slip Away by Being Lazy and Brainless? — That Is What Many Brick and Mortar Electronics Stores Have Done (31 March 2014)

28 March 2014

The Associated Press Reported that No Air Force Generals Were Punished for Proficiency Test Cheating in Three Missile Squadrons —the Message Being that Air Force Generals Are Responsible for Nothing and Accountable for Nothing (28 March 2014)

26 March 2014

The Commander in Chief’s Unskillful and Crisis Escalating Trash Talk about Russia Continues — Donald Rumsfeld’s Critique of the Administration’s Too Public Foreign Policy Was Exactly on Point (26 March 2014)

25 March 2014

The Out of Context Quoting of Donald Rumsfeld’s “Trained Ape” Comment — regarding the Obama Administration’s Undiplomatic Handling of Afghanistan President Karzai — Perfectly Demonstrates Robert Reich’s Hypothesis about Destructive American Tribalism — and Probably Equally Well Illustrates Chris Cilizza’s Observation that Americans Historically Have only Read Headlines — Ignorance’s Debilitating Brew Served Hot (25 March 2014)

21 March 2014

US and European Reactions to the Crimean Situation Are Poorly Thought Out — and May Be Pushing Russia into another Territorial Expansion (21 March 2014)

19 March 2014

Duca’s Neapolitan Pizza — 12229 Voyager Parkway #170, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 — Review (19 March 2014)

18 March 2014

England’s Anti War, World War II Member of Parliament, Tony Benn Died Last Week — Reminding Me that Horrific Shared Personal Experiences Make No Dent in Subsequent Generations’ Rock Headed Sensibilities — a Comment about Futility and Hope (18 March 2014)

14 March 2014

A study of 5,815 elderly Medicare patients indicated that 22 Percent Received Pharmaceutical Prescriptions that Might Have Worsened One of Their Multiple Medical Conditions — the Take Away Is that the Therapeutic Cost-Benefit Ratio for Drug Combinations Needs to Be Assessed for Each Patient (14 March 2014)

12 March 2014

Senator Dianne Feinstein Got a Taste of Her Spying Prescription for the Rest of America — and She Doesn’t Like It — Funny How that Works with Power-Hungry Narcissists and Vegetatively-Dead Legislators (12 March 2014)

11 March 2014

Genius of Right Wing Brainlessness Can Nowhere Be Better Summarized than in US Representative Paul Ryan’s Statement about a Boy and a Free School Lunch — I Make a Point that Goes beyond that Made by the Rest of the Media (11 March 2014)

08 March 2014

Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley Teed off on the American Judiciary — in His “Constitutional Tipping Point” — Separation of Powers — Testimony to Congress (08 March 2014)

05 March 2014

Comrade Putin’s Revenge? — A 2013 WIN/Gallup International Global Poll Showed that the US Is Internationally Seen as the Biggest Threat to Peace — and Nicolas J. S. Davies’ Essay — 35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists — Gives the Polled Perspective Credence (06 March 2014)

05 March 2014

Advaita, Neo-Advaita, Non-Duality — Spiritual Philosophy — Leo Hartong, Awakening to the Dream (2001) — Book Review (05 March 2014)

03 March 2014

Short Sighted American and European Tactics regarding Russia in Crimea May Backfire (0d March 2014)

01 March 2014

American Trash Talk — against Russia’s Military Movements in Crimean Ukraine — Demonstrates again that Drawing Lines Is Foolishly Provocative — when We Cannot Effectively Back Our Threats Up (01 March 2014)

27 February 2014

William G. Howell, Thinking about the Presidency: The Primacy of Power (2013) — Book Review (27 February 2014)

25 February 2014

Homophobic DC Lawyer-Lobbyist Jack Burkman — Earned His Minutes of Fame by Being a Dumb Ass on So Many Levels — that He becomes an Exquisite Expression of Human Stupidity (25 February 2014)

24 February 2014

I Doubt that the United States Could Have Produced the Meaning-Filled Artistry of the Russian Federation’s 2014 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony at Sochi — which May Say Something about Comparative National Soul — and Cautions Us against Hypocritical Screeching about Purported Evil (24 February 2014)

22 February 2014

Maybe We Should Select Just One American State and Pour All of the Nation’s Most Spiritually Reprehensible People into It — Arizona’s Republicans Want the Title (22 February 2014)

20 February 2014

Epson Artisan 835 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer — Review (28 March 2012, updated 20 February 2014)

19 February 2014

Justin Peters’ Intelligent Vignette about Bode Miller and NBCs Inane Coverage of Him — at the 2014 Sochi Olympics — Stands as a Summary Example of How Stupefyingly Useless American Media often Are (19 February 2014)

18 February 2014

Just Published Canadian Study that Legitimately Questions the Utility of Annual Mammography — Will Not Change Minds — Due to Understandable Cancer Fears and “Costs Be Darned” Thinking (14 February 2014, expanded 18 February 2014)

14 February 2014

Just Published Canadian Study that Legitimately Questions the Utility of Annual Mammography — Will Not Change Minds — Due to Understandable Cancer Fears and “Costs Be Darned” Thinking (14 February 2014)

The Unbelievable Stupidity of America’s Olympic Speed Skating Authorities — the Suit that Apparently Slows Our Athletes Down at the 2014 Sochi Olympics Was Never Tested in Competition — even after the Dutch Abandoned a Similar Design — and Guess Who Bears the Lifelong, Painful Burden of these Nitwits’ Brainlessness (14 February 2014)

12 February 2014

Wisdom Comes in Asides that We often Do Not Want to Hear — an Admirable Example from Rick Salutin’s Review of Silken Laumann’s Book, Unsinkable (12 February 2014)

11 February 2014

“I wanted him to have dignity as he crossed the finish line” — 2014 Sochi Olympics Canadian Coach Justin Wadsworth Pays Forward Norwegian Bjornar Hakensmoen’s Kindness from the 2006 Torino Olympics — Cathal Kelly’s Toronto Star Story Tells It Best (11 February 2014)

10 February 2014

Slopestyle Snowboarding Women Put on a Display of How to Youthfully “Be” at the 2014 Sochi Olympics (10 February 2014)

07 February 2014

Cabela’s Outfitter Pro Showshoes by Atlas — Medium (30 Inch) Size — Review (07 February 2014)

03 February 2014

Moral Hypothetical — Is It Better to Trash School Lunches — or Continue to Give them to Poor School Kids — Whose Families Are behind in Paying? (03 February 2014)

31 January 2014

Is All of Washington DC Rotten? — DC Fire Station Refused to Aid Man with Heart Attack, Who Later Died — This Probably Would Not Have Happened in New York City (31 January 2014)

30 January 2014

America’s Pretended Outrage Syndrome — MSNBC Staff Member Fired for Relatively Mild and True Anti-Conservative Tweet — another Example of Just How Idiotic Our Political Times Are (30 January 2014)

29 January 2014

When You Cannot Be Genuinely Decent in Your Own Right — Point to Someone Who Is and Implicitly and Vicariously Claim His Courage and Fortitude as Your Own — President Obama’s Cynical Use of Maimed Army Ranger Sergeant Cory Remsburg — as an Applause Prop at the 2014 State of the Union Speech (29 January 2014)

28 January 2014

Peter Van Buren, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People (2011) — a Serendipitously Good Companion to — Robert Gates, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary of War — a Book Review (28 January 2014)

26 January 2014

Robert M. Gates, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary of War (2014) — Honest, Even-Handed — and Not at All What Preliminary Dumb-Headed Media Reviews Said It Was — A Book Review — and My Comment about the Tragedy of Poorly Thought Out Good Intentions (26 January 2014)

24 January 2014

Finally — the Republican Party’s National Committee Passed a Resolution — Calling on the NSA to Stop Mass Surveillance of Citizen Communications (24 January 2014)

22 January 2014

Nasaline® Nasal Rinsing System — More Effective for Blocked Sinuses than a Neti Pot — a Review (22 January 2014)

19 January 2014

It Is Occasionally a Bad Idea to Irritate a Smart Guy — as David Brooks Will Have Discovered — in Arguing that Orders of Magnitude of Socio-Economic Inequality Are Not a Real Problem — Robert Reich’s Perfect One-Liner in Response (19 January 2014)

17 January 2014

A Lesson in Knowledge and Writing from Germany’s Der Spiegel International — Its Made-Relevant World War I Centennial Series — Not Something Major American Press Outlets Would Generally Attempt (17 January 2014)

16 January 2014

Absurd Twists of Modern American Life — 5,893 Natural Gas Pipeline Leaks Found in the District of Columbia — and a Comparative Risk Imagining that May Come True (16 January 2014)

15 January 2014

Failure of Public Imagination regarding US Drone Murders Abroad — See the Washington Post Opinion Piece by Yemen’s Minister for Human Rights, Hooria Mashhour (15 January 2014)

14 January 2014

Israel’s Penchant for Self-Isolating Provocations — Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s Diplomatically Outrageous Comments about America’s Secretary of State, John Kerry (14 January 2014)

13 January 2014

Benjamin Wallace Wells at New York Magazine — and Dana Milbank at the Washington Post — Got Governor Chris Christie for Something that Actually Matters — and It Is Not the Bridge Lane Closures (13 January 2014)

11 January 2014

Barry Lando’s “The American Legacy in Iraq” Documents what Happens — When the United States’ Ignorance Combines Arrogance with Militarism — to Produce Geopolitical Hell on Earth — Then Turns to Ask (Like a 4-Year-Old), “Who Me?” (11 January 2014)

10 January 2014

A Contrast in Courage and Spiritual Worth — Young Aitezaz Hassan Died Preventing a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Suicide Bomber from Entering His Pakistani School — Despair and Hope in the Same Incident (10 January 2014)

09 January 2014

A Super Big Deal for a Few Minutes in American Politics — then Predictably Completely Forgotten — for Example Governor Chris Christie’s Allegedly Politically Directed Bridge Slow Down Payback to Fort Lee, New Jersey’s Mayor — and a Comment on Leadership (09 January 2014)

07 January 2014

Two Grace-Filled Words Pierced the Heart during Air Force Captain David Lyon’s Cortege through Peterson Air Force Base (07 January 2014)

04 January 2014

Ex-Marine Infantry Squad Leader Paul Szoldra’s Short, Eloquent Summation of the Moral and Strategic Futility of the Iraq War Cannot Be Bested — a Comment Expanding His, Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq? (04 January 2014)

03 January 2014

Jacob Kastrenakes, at The Verge, Spotted a Sensational Sky Diving Video Advertisement by Sony — for their Alpha 7 Line of Cameras — an Uplifting Visual Introduction to 2014 — and a Reminder of the Beauty of the Planet We Live on (03 January 2014)

02 January 2014

George Will’s Book Review regarding Ilya Somin’s Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter — Is a Seemingly Persuasive Argument — until You Look Back at the Historical Record (02 January 2014)

31 December 2013

2013 Ends on a Depressing Note — the NSA Is Indiscriminately Installing Spy Gizmos on Our Electronics — We Can’t Even Keep Trains on Track and from Exploding — and too Few Americans Seem to Care  (31 December 2013)

30 December 2013

America’s Obsession with Linking Insurgency and Terrorism to Al Qaeda — Is Indicative of the Scope of Our Geopolitical Ignorance and Operational Foibles — We Are Arguably Dumb as Rocks and Just as Prone to Fracture under Pressure — an Illustration Taken from the Benghazi Consulate Blame Game — Using David Kirkpatrick’s 28 December 2013 New York Times Article as a Discussion Point (30 December 2013)

29 December 2013

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, Killing Jesus: A History — Not What It Purports to Be — a Review (29 December 2013)

27 December 2013

Self-Confessed “White Trash” Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty Spoke Like Such — So Why Is this News? (27 December 2013)

26 December 2013

HBO’s “Getting On” — a Slightly Contrarian Mini Review (26 December 2013)

23 December 2013

American and British Media Hypocrisy Is Eagerly at Work in Blaming Newly Deceased Mikhail Kalashnikov for the Deaths His Rifle Caused — Conveniently Forgetting Our Unparalleled Role in Dispensing Destruction around the World (23 December 2013)

20 December 2013

Making Elephants Extinct this Decade — Just because Humans Are Greedy and Dumb — Zac Goldsmith’s Article in Britain’s The Independent (20 December 2013)

19 December 2013

Stanley Mountain Colorado (12,521 feet) an Easy Altitude Acclimatization for Newcomers Preparing to Tackle Some 14ers — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Mild Neuromuscular Deficiencies (19 December 2013)

17 December 2013

2013 Nobel Winner Randy Schekman (Medicine) Cautioned Us — about the Science-Distorting Effect of Artificially Prestigious Science Journals  — a Point Coincidentally Illustrated by the Journal Nature Getting Caught Acting Badly (17 December 2013)

16 December 2013

Goodbye 60 Minutes — John Miller’s “Whatever You Say” Report on the NSA — Stupider You Could Not Get (16 December 2013)

15 December 2013

Rajiv Narayan Dug Up a Clip from a 1996 Charlie Rose Carl Sagan Interview — that Warns about the Divorce between Science and an Ignoramus Public — One Cannot Present the Concern about Uncontrolled Government, Ruling an Ignorant Society, More Succinctly and Persuasively than Professor Sagan Did (15 December 2013)

14 December 2013

Jane Araf’s Short Account of Journalist Yasser Faisal’s Death in Syria’s Civil War — Says Something Profound about Fate and the Frequent Irrelevance of Courage and Human Will — You May Not Agree with Her Implied Conclusion, but Then — You Probably Haven’t Lived It, Have You? (14 December 2013)

13 December 2013

A Superb Essay and a Deprecating Quote — regarding President Obama on Nelson Mandela’s Passing — as Seen through Azad Essa’s Eyes — Exceptional Insight into Something Still Close in Time (13 December 2013)

12 December 2013

Time Magazine’s Choice of Pope Francis as Person of the Year — Demonstrates How Irrelevant Most of the Major American Media Are to anything True or Insightful — “Cowardly Dunderheads” Describes this Pack of Influence Peddlers (12 December 2013)

10 December 2013

If I Shake Your Hand in Greeting at a Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela — Does that Mean I Approve of You and the Government You Represent? — a Comment on Why Bombs and Missiles Will always Come First for Reflexively Aggressive People Like Senators McCain and Rubio — and the Irony of these Nitwits Making the Comments They Did — while in Temporal Proximity to the Applauded Meaning of Nelson Mandela’s Life (10 December 2013)

09 December 2013

Bryson, Bill — A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (second edition, 2006) — Review (09 December 2013)

06 December 2013

Yesterday’s Alleged Vitamin D Dethroning Is a Good Example of Why It Is Wise to Withhold Judgment on Widely Hyped Dietary Medical Benefit Findings — Ask Instead, Where Is the Evidence and What Is Its Quality? — and Do Not Confuse Markers and Associations with Causation (06 December 2013)

05 December 2013

An Unarmed Pedestrian Who Acted Crazy in New York City Vehicular Traffic Has Been Charged with Felony Assault — Even though He Didn’t Attack Anyone — on the Theory that His Traffic-Impeding Sudden Movements Caused Overaggressive New York City Police Officers to Shoot Two Innocent Bystanders — This Incompetence-Covering Prosecutorial Idiocy Sums the Plutocratic American Police State to a Tee (05 December 2013)

04 December 2013

Michelin Defender Tires — Review (04 December 2013)

03 December 2013

Pema Chodron, Getting Unstuck (2006) — Audiobook — Review (03 December 2013)

02 December 2013

Amazon Dot Com Delivery by Drone? — A Comment on Stupidity’s Inability to Think Even One Step Forward (02 December 2013)

29 November 2013

Charles Krauthammer Provided Us with an Excellent Example of Nonsensical Republican Party Thinking — that Perfectly Illustrates the Barf-Inducing Hypocrisy of the Allegedly Conservative Right (29 November 2013)

28 November 2013

Driving Meditation through Early Cold Season Landscapes (28 November 2013)

21 November 2013

Unexamined Statistics Lead to Dumb Conclusions — the Questionability of Critics’ Use of the United States 26th Place OECD Life Expectancy Ranking — as Evidence for the Inferiority of Our Health Care System (21 November 2013)

20 November 2013

Libertarian Nick Gillespie Wrote an Entertainingly Scathing Indictment of President Obama’s Record — as Seen from Young People’s Perspective — Recommended Reading for Anyone Interested in the Demographics of Politics and How to Write in a Captivating Way (20 November 2013)

19 November 2013

Effective Leadership Is Based on Paying Attention — So, I Have to Laugh when Liberals Say that President Bush’s Katrina Failure Was Much Worse than President Obama’s Jaw-Dropping Incompetence in regard to the ObamaCare Rollout — a Sublimely Apt Lesson for Future Strategists (19 November 2013)

15 November 2013

The World of Spiritual Parables Has Its Share of Pretentiously Silly Ones — Here, Comparing  Two Such with a Genuinely Meaningful One  — and a Comment about the Mistake of Taking Nonsense More Seriously than It Deserves (15 November 2013)

14 November 2013

Jason Mick’s Story — about How the Federal Government Shut Down Lavabit Entrepreneur Ladar Levison — Should Outrage Every Freedom Loving American — and You Thought the Fourth Amendment Actually Meant Something (13 November 2013)

13 November 2013

ProPublica Analyst Charles Ornstein Thinks that another ObamaCare Surprise Is Going to Arrive in January— He Might Be Wrong — but I Think that the Act’s Complexity, and the Market it Operates in, Favor Ornstein’s Concerned Perspective — and My Comment regarding the Larger Message about America’s Political Leadership (13 November 2013)

12 November 2013

American Pragmatism Is Out the Window — Stefan Richter Focuses on Our Nihilistic Blame Game (12 November 2013)


10 November 2013


Using Two Books to Illustrate His Point — the Intelligently Thoughtful Ezra Klein Explains the Meaninglessness of Political Campaigning — Virtually all of Us Vote according to the Partisan Outlooks of the Clans to which We Belong — There Is No Such Thing as “Game Change” — in the John Heilemann and Mark Halperin Sense (08 November 2013)


08 November 2013


Do You Want to Emulate Superb Opinion Writing? — See This Column about U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Joan Walsh — with Its Incorporated Reference to Journalist Jill Lawrence’s Worthy Work — a Combined Display of Admirably Effective Political Kneecapping (07 November 2013)


07 November 2013


If You Read Only One Book Review about Geopolitics This Year — Read This One by Larry Gross — regarding Max Blumenthal, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel (07 November 2013)


06 November 2013


India Is in the Process of Making an Impressive Statement in Space — by Sending a Probe to Mars —  and Implicitly Adding that — “Earth ain’t America’s oyster, no more” (06 November 2013)


05 November 2013


A Depressingly Accurate Caricature of Today’s United States — Pakistani Drone Victim Rafiq ur Rehman’s Trip to America — and to a Government that Was too Busy Doing More Wrong to See Him (04 November 2013)


04 November 2013


DxO Optics Pro 9 —Is It a Decent Upgrade from Optics Pro 7? — A Mini Review (04 November 2013)


31 October 2013


As a Digital Photographer, Do You Really Need to Color Calibrate Your Computer Display? — X-Rite ColorMunki Display — a Mini Review (31 October 2013)


30 October 2013


Greed in Medicine Turns to Semantics for Help in Fooling the Unwary — the Culprit in this Case Is the American College of Cardiology — Its Intentionally Blatant Misuse of Language further Conceals Hundreds of Thousands of Medically Inappropriate Stent Placement Procedures — a Good Example of Professional Scumbaggery in Action (30 October 2013)


29 October 2013


President Obama Keeps Coasting along in His Ratbag Style — if a Lie Is Not Enough, He’ll Throw an Innocent or Two under the Bus — Anything To Escape Accountability for His Lapses or often Questionable Intent — and a Necessary Comment in His Defense (29 October 2013)


25 October 2013


A Psychological Study about the Effects of Inter-Generational Economic Discounting — Not Surprisingly Demonstrates that We Are Not Going to Do Anything about Global Warming — We Cynics Are Probably Correct in Our Gloomy Predictions (25 October 2013)


23 October 2013


Frontline’s Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria Is a Wake Up Call regarding the End of the Antibiotic Era — and a Related Comment on Capitalism’s Inability to Do What Is Needs to Be Done in the Development of Antibiotics (23 October 2013)


22 October 2013


“Not Physiologically Plausible” — Says a Study of 39 Years of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) Data — and Why Has this Arguably Newsworthy Allegation Received No Coverage from the American Media? (22 October 2013)


21 October 2013


What to Do about the Radical Dumb-Heads Running American Government? — Redistrict by Less Partisan Committee — the New York Times’ Adam Magourney Used California as an Example of How this Might Work (21 October 2013)


20 October 2013


The ObamaCare Enrollment Fiasco — Serves as an Indicator of the President’s Cavalierly Uninvolved Leadership Style — Had This Been “Your” Most Important Baby, Wouldn’t You Have Insisted that the Techno-Dweebs Who Set It up Were both Competent and on Schedule? (20 October 2013)


18 October 2013


Scum People Are Arguably Necessary to Our Spiritual Ecology — Comments on — (a) the Occasional Appreciation We Owe the Low-Lifes among Us — (b) another Way of Looking at the October 2013 Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Crisis — and (c) the Spiritual Conundrums that the Mess Raises (18 October 2013)


17 October 2013


Law Professor Rosa Brooks Wrote a Pretend Letter from the Future that Lays Out the Possible Consequences of Tea Party Thinking — Her Forecast Is both Believable and Depressing — and the Chinese May Be Preparing to Act Accordingly (17 October 2013)


16 October 2013


How to Build a Quasi-Adjustable Height — Sitting to Standing Desk — from a Solid Core Interior Door and Two Rockwell JawStands™ — Quick, Workable and Comparatively Cheap (16 October 2013)


14 October 2013


The Only Branch of Federal Government that Still Works Is apparently Finally Getting Fed up with the Two that Do Not — a Constitutional Crisis May Ultimately Be the Result — and that Might Be enough to Start a Revolt by Responsible Sanity against Neo-Confederate Idiocy (14 October 2013)


11 October 2013


Our MisbegottenWar on Terror Should Have Been Aimed at Our Own Stupidity — for Example, the Vanished American Supply of Lithium 7 — and Its Relationship to Maintaining Nuclear Safety on American Soil (11 October 2013)


10 October 2013


Ladar Levison versus the American Police State — a Courageous Patriot (10 October 2013)


09 October 2013


Jon Stewart Was Correct on Republicans’ Failure to Own What they Say They Believe in — regarding the 2013 Government Shutdown — Neo-Confederate Thinking Lacks the Old One’s Legitimate Claim to Martial Honor— and a Comment about Libertarianism’s Role in This Mess (09 October 2013)


08 October 2013


Sometimes You Can See How Bad a Decision Was by Imagining It in a More Familiar Context — Take President Obama’s Decision to Skip Visiting Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit — due to the 2013 Government Shutdown (08 October 2013)


07 October 2013


Substituting Special Operations for Drone Strikes — in the Capture of al-Qaeda Leader Abu Anas al-Liby in Libya — and the Attempted Capture or Execution of al-Shabaab Leader Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr in Somalia — May Indicate the President’s Temporary and Perhaps Cynical Retreat from His Drone Murder Policy — during a Time when the 2013 Government Shutdown Has the Spotlight Aimed at Him (07 October 2013)


04 October 2013


On the Importance of Semantics in Framing an Argument — James Painter in Regard to Reframing the Foolish Public Dispute over What Is Causing Climate Change — and a Comment on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Inept Communication Style (04 October 2013)


03 October 2013


In Fat Cat America — Our Metaphorically Porky Upper Class Never Pays the Price for Sucking other People’s Lives Dry — a Completely Representative Example from the Marine Corps’ Alleged Sacking of Two Generals — an Action that Rewarded, rather than Punished, the Incompetence that Led to the Camp Bastion (Afghanistan) Disaster in September 2012 (03 October 2013)


02 October 2013


Americas Form of Government No Longer Works — a Perceptive Essay from Matthew Yglesias — about Political Scientist Juan Linz’s Idea — regarding the Functional Superiority of Parliamentary over Presidential Government (02 October 2013)


01 October 2013


When Humor Is the Totality of What We Have Left — Republican Congressman Devin Nunes and Citizen Derek Goodson — Crafted Two Richly Descriptive One Liners about the October 2013 Government Shutdown (01 October 2013)


30 September 2013


Reporter Miranda Green Noticed Something about the Food Stamp Cut that Most Commentators Missed — Better to Drag the Nation Down by Pretending to Do Good, rather than Profit by Actually Doing Good — with an Added Reference to Amanda Marcotte’s Take on the Delusion of Religious Rectitude (30 September 2013)


27 September 2013


Our Deadly Record of Crapping on those Who Helped Us in Iraq — Now Repeats in Afghanistan — Making Us Not Exactly an Admirable Nation (27 September 2013)


25 September 2013


As Senator Ted Cruz Blabs His Narcissistic and Absurdly Well Televised Way — into the Hearts of His Tea Party Supporters — in Regard to Defunding ObamaCare — We Can Representatively Conclude that America Has Gone Psychiatrically Crazy — Just as Henry Giroux Has Suggested (25 September 2013)


24 September 2013


Someone Else’s Perspective Can Be Eye Opening — Provided We Are Neither Stupid nor Abysmally Ignorant — an Example from a Context Shifting European Article about U.S. Gun Control (24 September 2013)


23 September 2013


Sloppy Voter Thinking Makes Political Manipulation Easier — an Example from the House of Representatives’ $40 Billion Food Stamp Funding Cut — and a Comment regarding the Difficulty of Fact Finding in Politicized Situations (23 September 2013)


20 September 2013


The World’s Unreasoned Love Affair with Pope Francis — a Little Butter around the Margins Does Not Make a Bigoted Meal Tastier — Katie McDonough’s Critique Gets It Right (20 September 2013)


19 September 2013


Robert Reich’s Essay about the Myth of the Free Market — Represents a Timely Dose of Truth about the Economic Basics — that America’s Plutocrats Do Not Want You to Know (19 September 2013)


18 September 2013


The Washington Navy Yard Shooting Is a Good Example of the Federal Government’s often Deadly Incompetence — a Comment regarding What Has become a Lunatic Nation (18 September 2013)


16 September 2013


The United States Actively Promotes Socioeconomic Inequality — Sometimes in Subtle Ways Motivated by Institutionalized Greed — an Eye-Opening Education Report from Pro Publica (16 September 2013)


15 September 2013


Speaking to George Stephanopoulos — in regard to Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons — President Obama’s Responses Were as Superficially Coherent as Weak Critical Thinking Skills Can Make Them — which Prompts the Question, “What is the Commander in Chief Really Up to?” (15 September 2013)


13 September 2013


Oh Please, Mr. Robinson, Is This the Best You Can Do? — A Comment regarding Columnist Eugene Robinson’s Poorly Thought Out Swipe at the Obnoxious Vladimir Putin (13 September 2013)


12 September 2013


Who Would Have Thought that a Former KGB Officer Would become the Geopolitical Strategy Grownup in the Room? — Vladimir Putin’s New York Times Opinion Piece Countered President Obama’s Naive World View — a Calculated Ploy, but True, insofar as It Goes (12 September 2013)


10 September 2013


A Methodologically Clever Psychology Study Shows that — Politically Biased Bone-Headism Leads Us to Sink with Our Peer Group — in Defiance of Fact (10 September 2013)


09 September 2013


Moral Outrage May Not Be Enough to Justify War — especially When the Outrage Lacks Comprehensible Strategic Direction (09 September 2013)


02 September 2013


David Sirota’s Timely Reminder about the Meaning of Labor Day — When You Forget Your Own History, You Have No Idea How Far You Have Fallen (02 September 2013)


01 September 2013


The One Sentence Observation — that Synopsizes Government, Politics, and the Human Condition (01 September 2013)


30 August 2013


King Obama’s Administration Is Reportedly Irritated with the British Executive Branch — because It Asked Parliament, whether Killing Syrians Is a Good Idea — the Historical Irony Drips (30 August 2013)


28 August 2013


Worthy Analysis and Writing from Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis — “Purge the Generals” (28 August 2013)


27 August 2013


Obtuse Strategic Thinking about American Intervention in Syria — a Good Example of How We Get Ourselves into the Foolish and often Bloody Situations that We Do (27 August 2013)


26 August 2013


Bill Moyers and Mark Leibovich on Washington DC’s Insider Narcissism — Stealing Our Wallets and America’s Future (26 August 2013)


25 August 2013


Continental GP 4 Season V — 700 x 28c Bicycle Tires — on a Redline d440 29er Utility Bike — Review (25 August 2013)


22 August 2013


Differing Interpretations of the Merits of the Length of Bradley Manning’s 35 Year Sentence —Illustrate the Societal Conundrum of How to Deal with Lawbreakers, Who Expose Significant Government Wrong Doing — a Comment on America’s Institutionalized Lack of Self-Reflection (22 August 2013)


21 August 2013


Representatively Docile Reporting from the Atlantic Wire — Regarding the Death of Reporter Michael Hastings — Exemplifies, in Reverse, How Dependent We Are on a Skeptical Press and a Reasonably Trustworthy Government (21 August 2013)


20 August 2013


Clever Writing from Jacob Sullum Points to President Obama’s often Evident Lack of Soul —  Demonstrating that Good Insight, Combined with Concise Writing, Can Pointedly Show Us How Things Really Are (20 August 2013)


19 August 2013


Without Edward Snowden’s Leaks — We Would Not Know that Our Habitually Lying President and the National Security Agency Had Routinely Violated US Law — so Who Is the Real Bad Guy? — And an Ironic Comment about President Obama’s Genius for Politics (19 August 2013)


17 August 2013


Newt Gingrich’s Rare Display of Accuracy Goes to the Heart of What Is Wrong with American Politics (17 August 2013)


15 August 2013


A Wise Perspective on Radical Islam Comes from Two Chris Hedges Paragraphs — both of which May Be Prophetic regarding America’s Own Accelerating Socioeconomic Inequality (15 August 2013)


14 August 2013


Logan Penza’s Suspicion about the Reason for the Obama Administration’s Delay in Implementing ObamaCare Appears to Be Justified — Our Presidential Narcissist Reveals His Soulless Cynicism Yet Again (14 August 2013)


13 August 2013


Vehicle Downsizing — due to Rising Gasoline Prices — often Does Not Make Financial Sense (13 August 2013)


12 August 2013


Mini Review of Four Used Cars — 2013 Chevrolet Cruz Turbo 1LT — 2012 Fiat 500 Sport — 2012 Chevy Sonic Turbo Hatchback — 2012 Ford Focus SES Sedan — Substituting a Small Car for a Pickup Truck — a Surprising Refutation of Favorable Reviews from an Arthritic Geezer’s Perspective (12 August 2013)


09 August 2013


The President Muffed a Chance to Act Like a Leader — rather than as a Political Hack — when He Declined to Meet with Russia’s President Putin — As Is Usual with Him, Other People Will Be Paying the Price (09 August 2013)


08 August 2013


Finding Trailer Towing Capacities for Cars, Crossovers, and SUVs Can Be Tough — Kudos to Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler — as well as Ford — with an Honorable Mention to Volvo — and a Comment on the Automotive Industry’s Inexplicable Failure to Use the Internet Intelligently (08 August 2013)


05 August 2013


Terrorist Threat Warning and Embassy Closings — a Little too Convenient — the Price of Impenetrable Government Secrecy Is that It Makes Cynics and Slaves of Us (05 August 2013)


03 August 2013


A Reminder of the Price of War — Cortege for Fallen US Army Specialist Rob Lee Nichols — at Peterson Air Force Base (02 August 2013)


02 August 2013


When Law Is Designed to Conceal Government Wrongdoing It Loses Moral Legitimacy — a Point Implied by John Glaser’s Short Essay on the Injustice Done Bradley Manning (02 August 2013)


01 August 2013


It Is Apparently Okay to Kill Hundreds and Not Tell Anyone We Did It — the United States’ Cowardly Comfort with War Crimes (01 August 2013)


30 July 2013


Two Practices Symbolize President Obamas Plutocratic Big Brother View of Government — Refusing to Name the Enemies that American Secret Operations Are Fighting — and Considering Putting Pocket-Lining Larry Summers in Charge of the Federal Reserve Board (30 July 2013)


27 July 2013


William J Astore Capably Rebutted Major General H R McMaster’s Superficial New York Times Article — about The Pipe Dream of Easy War — with the Penetrating Dismissal that It Deserves (27 July 2013)


26 July 2013


Although the House of Representatives Voted to Continue Funding the NSA’s Limitless Spying on Americans — the Vote Was Surprisingly Close — Perhaps Some Americans Are Finally Waking to the Fact that Abandoning America’s Historically Held Values Away Is a Bad Idea (26 July 2013)


24 July 2013


It Is a Sad Reflection on Government’s Ability to Get Away with Killing People — that Virtually No One in the Public or the Media Is Demanding Answers — about Investigative Reporter Michael Hastings So-Called Car Crash (24 July 2013)


23 July 2013


Mount Ouray (13,971 feet) — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (23 July 2013)


20 July 2013


King Obama’s Judicial Mouthpiece Said that the King Can Kill You — and There Aint $#*t You Can Do about It — the Incorruptible George Washington Would Be Mortified (20 July 2013)


18 July 2013


A Revealing Excerpt from The Colbert Report Illustrates Why so Many Americans Can Be Characterized as Intentionally Sheep-Like — when It Comes to Understanding and Reacting to What Is Going on around Them (18 July 2013)


17 July 2013


New York Times Columnist Nick Kristof — and Klaus Brinkbäumer, Deputy Editor in Chief of the German Newspaper Der Spiegel — Described the United States in the Ludicrous Light that We Deserve (17 July 2013)


16 July 2013


In the Moral Calculus, Does Prominent Republican = Evil Douchebag? — Paul Krugman and I Suspect So (16 July 2013)


15 July 2013


In Racist America, a Self-Important Pussy with a Gun Is a Dangerous Thing — Regarding the Not Guilty Verdict in George Zimmerman’s Killing of Trayvon Martin (15 July 2013)


12 July 2013


Who Are You Going to Let Operate on Your Sarcoma Tumor? — a Disturbingly Ambiguous Finding from the University of California at Davis — which Serves as an Example of How the United States’ Lackadaisical Approach to Collecting Medical Data Causes Decision Problems for Patients (12 July 2013)


11 July 2013


King Obama’s “Insider Threat Program” Bears Indicators of a Metaphorically Stalinesque Purge of Government — Done under the Guise of National Security (11 July 2013)


10 July 2013


How to Delete a Map from Garmin’s BaseCamp — on a Windows 7 Operating System (10 July 2013)


09 July 2013


A Nation of Easily Manipulated Dimwits? — Independence Day Passed with its Customary Superficiality — Even though George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four Is Pretty Much Here (09 July 2013)


08 July 2013


Garmin GPSMap 62sc — Mini Review (08 July 2013)


07 July 2013


Three Lakes Loop — Kebler Pass, Colorado — Mini Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (07 July 2013)


03 July 2013


Is Having James Clapper in Charge of National Intelligence the Same as America Having the Clap? — Probably — Crypto Autocracy in Action on Independence Day, 2013 (03 July 2013)


01 July 2013


America’s Burgeoning Secret Government Intentionally Plays Us against Our Frequently Ignorant, Reflexively Partisan, and Fear-Filled Selves (01 July 2013)






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